All About Me
​​Experience:  I have been teaching for 39 years and am beginning year 40.  I have taught
                     Kindergarten, second through eight grade, and presently am a Reading                                          Specialist.                       
Education:  I attended Radford University and received a BS in Early Childhood Education                             and an MS in Upper Elementary Education.                                                       
                    I attended University of Virginia and received my Master's of Reading                                             Education. 
Hobbies:     I love to cook, especially new things and yummy desserts!  I enjoy                                                  quilting, making quilts from T-Shirts, quilt patterns and learning                                                        new ways to quilt.  I also play the piano and organ at church, as 
                   well as hand bells and have enjoyed playing for the last 3 years!                                                                        
Family:      I have been married to my husband, Gene, for 34 years.  I have 
                  two sons; Bradley, 29, and Matthew, 28.  I also have a beautiful 
                  4 year old granddaughter, Ragan, who ​started Pre-Kindergarten 
                  this year in Christiansburg.