Attendance Awareness Month
Attendance Awareness Month
Posted on 09/14/2022
Attendance Awareness Month

Attendance Month

To our
Rocket Students, Parents, and Faculty:

September is Attendance Awareness Month.
  This month counts as our first full month of school.  Research shows that half of the students who miss 2 to 4 days in the first month of school go on to miss nearly a month of school for the academic year, and missing just 2 days a month equates to missing approximately 10 percent of the school year.  Therefore, it is important that we start building a healthy and productive habit of coming to school each and every day right when school starts.  During the week of September 19th through the 23rd, Round Hill Elementary will bring attendance awareness to our students and parents by promoting healthy school attendance habits by participating in Rocket Attendance Awareness Spirit Week. 

– Month of September

Rocket Attendance Awareness Spirit Week Activities: 

Monday, 9/19 – HAT DAY
  Head for Success by arriving to school every day, on time. 

  Attendance is So Bright, you have to wear shades all day. 

Wednesday, 9/21 – SUPERHER
  Save the School Day by dressing up as your favorite superhero and scheduling all appointments for after school.  

Thursday, 9/22
  Get Crazy about School!  Stay ALL day, EVERY day this week, and hopefully all year! 

Friday, 9/23 – S
CHOOL MADNESS/Students Who Achieve Greatness (SWAG) DAY
Rockets come to school on time in your school colors (blue and green) from head-to-toe!  Students who have achieved Perfect Attendance for the month of September to-date will receive a special treat! 


Individual Students:  At the end of every nine weeks, students with perfect attendance will have an opportunity to have their names entered into the Rocket Attendance Lottery for a chance to win special prizes, treats, and a certificate. 

Individual Classrooms
  At the end of every nine weeks, the classroom with the best attendance will win the life-size trophy to display in their classroom (until the next nine weeks) and win a special treat/surprise. 

Individual Grade Levels
  At the end of each month (October, November, January, February, March, April, May), the grade level with the best attendance record will be recognized for their achievement with a special surprise. 


December –
Holiday Dance/Party:
  Students with 3 or less excused absences and/or less than 5 tardies for the semester will be allowed to participate. 

June – Graduation Ceremonies and Perfect Attendance Recognitions

We are excited to work
together in collaborative effort to help our students attend school regularly so they may be able to develop great habits and achieve for lifetime!