Area and Perimeter Practice Page
  1. Mr. Roberts built a dog pen that was 25 feet long and 15 feet wide. If he had decided to cover the ground with mulch, how many square feet would he need to cover?



  2. Mr. Roberts placed a white fence around his rectangular pen. Using the measurements above, how many feet of fencing would he use?



  3. Miss Carter was putting down tile in her new bathroom. If her bathroom is 12 feet by 8 feet, how many square feet of tile would she need to cover the floor?




  4. Miss Carter also wanted to place tiles around the edge of her flooring. How much tile would she need to go around the border?




  5. Miss Hubbard ran seven laps around the rectangular field. If the field is 125 yards long and 80 feet wide, how far did Miss Hubbard run?




  6. Mrs. Hamilton was gardening and wanted to create an octagon shaped (8 sided) border around her garden. How much border would she need if each side was 24 inches long?





  7. Mrs. Dunagan was making a new tablecloth for her dining room table. If the table is 7 feet long and 5 feet wide, what is the minimum amount of fabric she could buy to cover her table?





  8. Mr. Bill needed to paint one wall. The wall is 25 feet by 8 feet. If a gallon of paint covers an area of 20 square feet, how many gallons will he need to buy to cover the wall?