Guidance News


3,2,1 ...Blast Off!!  This school year has gotten off to a great start.  What is our mission?  It is to accept the challenges we face and to always do our best.

Guidance will be a bit different this year.  First of all,  I am excited that we will have another counselor at Round Hill.  Mrs. Goldberg will be with us M -W.  Secondly, guidance counselors have undergone a name change; we are now known as "school" counselors.  Along with the name change, came a shift in our schedules.  Guidance is no longer considered a part of the specials rotation.  This will allow more time for individual and small group counseling.  Mrs. Goldberg and I will still conduct classroom sessions every other week.  That schedule is yet to be determined.  Classroom lessons will still focus on social, emotional, and academic learning.  Our goal is to help each child be the best he or she can be!